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Contract Drafting and Enforcement

Whether forming a new business, growing an existing one, or resolving a dispute with another company, all business entities can benefit from capable, careful, and consistent Contract Lawyers. Cornelius & Collins’ Business Services and Litigation practice group provides exactly that: sage advice for operating your business, and aggressive trial counsel if a business dispute must be litigated.

As a philosophical matter, the attorneys in our Business Services and Litigation practice group see themselves first as advocates for helping your business grow, and second as trial attorneys capable of resolving disputes through the legal system. Our knowledge of the courtroom, and the pitfalls that can follow, informs our advice on business formation and transactions. Likewise, our knowledge related to corporate formation and compliance matters helps our clients avoid litigation from the beginning.

With regard to the scope of our practice, here is a shortlist of examples of matters which Cornelius & Collins’ business services and litigation attorneys have recently handled for clients:

Business Services & Contract Drafting:

  • Formation of business entities, including the adoption and amendment of governing documents such as operating agreements and by-laws.
  • Negotiating and drafting contractual documents between clients and other business entities or individuals, including sales agreements, credit agreements, real estate transactions, and service contracts.
  • Advising clients on business exit strategies, such as negotiating the buy-out of ownership interests, the return of capital, and whether the bankruptcy process should be considered.
  • Resolving regulatory investigations, audits, and actions conducted by state and federal regulating bodies.
  • Drafting employment agreements, including those which contain non-competition and non-solicitation provisions.

Business Litigation & Contract Enforcement:

Guiding clients through “business divorce” cases in which owners of closely held companies attempt to obtain complete control of the business.

  • Enforcing contractual rights to payment under credit and service agreements.
  • Prosecuting breach of fiduciary duty suits involving disloyal co-owners who engage in unfair competition through other businesses.
  • Obtaining the recovery of damages owed under commercial lease agreements and other failed real estate transactions.
  • Defending business executives and owners against fraud claims from disgruntled investors.
  • Prosecuting copyright infringement claims brought over the failure to pay licensing fees and royalties.
  • Obtaining payments or affirmation of debts for secured creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, as well as objecting to the discharge of various debts
  • Resolving wage and hour collective actions brought by former employees.

Please contact our Contract Lawyers to find out how we can help you.

Contract Drafting and Enforcement Attorneys

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